Pray For Your Leaders

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Tom Muir

July 3, 2022



We all love to grumble at our politicians — even if we voted for them at election times! Of course they are just ordinary people like ourselves. Like us they make mistakes, they have to make decisions about important matters and like us too they need to listen to what other people are saying. Above all our leaders need God's help and we have a duty to pray for them.

Psalm 20 is a great example of people praying for their leader — in their case they were praying for their king as he was setting off to go to war. In the New Testament the Apostle Paul tells us that we should pray for our leaders - rulers and all who are in high positions. Many of those people may not trust God for themselves they may even be quite anti — Christian(as they were in Paul's day) but then we need to pray for them all the more! When leaders are good leaders and exercise their authority wisely then we will be able to live a "peaceable and godly life, dignified in every way" (1 Timothy 2:2-3)

In our own country we are thankful that we have freedom to worship God and to tell others about the Lord Jesus Christ. Pray that our leaders will always allow this to be the case . Let us remember the many Christians living in countries where there is persecution and suffering and very little freedom to worship God.


Dear Lord, help me to be faithful in praying for the leaders of our land. Amen.