The Temptation Of Jesus

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Una Davis
2 May 2021



It is difficult to think of Jesus being tempted. We read that he was "holy, innocent, unstained, separated from sinners, and exalted above the heavens." Hebrews 7:26 Yet he was tempted.

Just think how a very little piece of grit can cause you a lot of pain in your eye — it is because your eye is so tender and so sensitive. In the same way our Lord Jesus reacts to any thought of sinfulness. He is pure, holy, altogether separated from sin. But the devil tried so hard to make Jesus sin.

We read that Jesus had fasted for forty days and nights. We are told that forty days is about the longest period a person can fast without permanent damage to the body. Jesus was at his weakest, he was hungry and he needed help. It was then Satan attacked him by suggesting ways in which Jesus could live his life and fulfil his lifework without the necessity of obedience to his heavenly Father or going on to the way of the cross. Jesus, however, never wavered. He fought the devil's temptations with the Word of God and he told the devil to' beat it'! Satan left him and angels came to help him.

Another reason for Jesus' temptations was to show us that he knows how it feels when we are tempted so he can encourage us to face up to Satan and the evil he tempts us to do and he shows us how to tell Satan to go away and we can remain strong in our faith.

When you are tempted call to Jesus for help.