Glimpses Of Heaven

Devotional Image
Calum Cameron
5 Feb 2021



"Who are all these people?" This question was asked about a great crowd of people in heaven that the Apostle John saw in the great vision we now know as the book of Revelation.

It's a glimpse into heaven that we have here, and I hope it will help us to realise that although we may think Christians are a small minority in the world, that is not really the case at all.

Look how the people in heaven are described in Revelation 7: 9-17. First of all there was a huge multitude of them, so many that no one could count them; they were from every nation, they were gathered around the throne of Jesus Christ (the Lamb), and they were singing praise to Christ. These were the Christians from every age, many of whom had endured great suffering for Christ's sake. They all had one thing in common — they were washed clean through the blood of the Lord Jesus.

This is a reminder that it is only because of all that Jesus has done for us on the cross that anyone can enter the heavenly glory.


Lord Jesus, great Lamb of God, help me to trust you as my Saviour and then to look forward to my heavenly home. Amen