In Memoriam

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Jon Watson
25 Nov 2021



A few days ago we attended a thanksgiving service for an Indian lady whom we had only met a few times. She had lived in a sheltered-housing complex for elderly people who did not have money to own their own houses. The place where she lived had a 'Songs of Praise' service once a month and our congregation has become responsible for conducting these services, so it was there that we met this small Christian lady who was always helping to give out the hymnbooks and making sure everyone was made welcome. Apart from that, and the fact that she told us she had been a missionary nurse in Africa, we knew very little about her — until she died and we attended the thanksgiving service in the church where she was a member.

The tributes paid to her revealed a person not only of fine Christian character, but of professional excellence as a nursing sister, anaesthetist and first class operating theatre sister and a warm and compassionate friend. Hidden behind a humble exterior was this outstanding little person of whom the Lord Jesus would certainly have applied the words he said of Mary of Bethany: "She did what she could." And she did it all for Christ. We do thank God for such humble and beautiful Christians. They are an inspiration to all of us.


Lord Jesus, I need your help to live for you every day, and to do what I can to make life good for others. Help me please. Amen.