Who Do You Hang Out With?

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Jon Watson

March 20, 2022



Our friends are very important to us . When we are growing up we can easily get drawn into wrong friendships that can have a really bad influence on us and on the way we behave.

In the modern language of the Message Bible, Psalm 1 speaks about three groups of people to be avoided — those who hang out at Sin Saloon, those who slink along Dead-End Road, and those who go to Smart Mouth College! It gives a pretty dire picture of people who could mess up your life. The funny thing is that people like that think they are the happy ones; they imagine that a Christian life could be pretty dull and restrictive. But in reality, it is their lives that are empty — they are like 'wind-blown dust'.

In contrast to that way of life, the Christian is like a tree that a gardener plants beside a stream of water which makes it blossom and fruitful, and it is never affected by drought. It is a life that is guided by God's word; that will be surrounded by good friends and will keep on enjoying the help of God at all times. Jesus Christ said he came to give us a full life, and he certainly keeps his promise when we give ourselves to him.

Remember the text at the top of the page - God charts the road you take. Walk with him on his road and you won't get lost!


Lord, please help me to walk in the way that pleases you and leads to everlasting life. Amen.