Help - Yet Another Sermon Host

Simple, fast and beautiful hosting for your sermons.

How to get started with Yet Another Sermon Host

Step 1 - Create an account

  • Sign Up to create an account
  • You can use your Google Account
  • Or you create an account with an email & password
  • If you use an email & password you will need to verify your email

Step 2 - Login

Step 3 - Create a Church

  • You need a "Church" to upload your sermons to
  • You can create as many as you need & manage them all with the same account
  • Go to New Church
  • Fill in the form

Step 4 - Enter your payment details

  • After creating a new church you will be asked to choose a plan
  • You can pay either monthly or annually (you get a free month if you pay annually)
  • When you choose your plan you'll be rediected to our payment processor
  • Put your card details in & you will be redirected back to Yet Another Sermon Host

Step 5 - Upload your first sermon

  • You are ready to start - upload your first sermon!

If you already have your sermons hosted somewhere else - get in touch, we'll be more than happy to help you import them.

Something missing? Need some help? Or just have a question?

Please reach out - you can drop an email to or click on the green chat icon to the right. We're more than happy to help!