A New Look at Old Disciplines: Bible Reading & Prayer

Most of us as new Christians quickly learned that Bible reading and prayer are important means of growth for believers. We may have energetically plunged headlong into a regular practice of devotions, only to find the habit wane as we continued, perhaps due to confusion, boredom, distractibility, or busyness. Many of us who have walked with Jesus a long time have had seasons during which our devotional times were rich and life giving but also seasons where just showing up for a “quiet time” became a dreaded chore. Whether you are new to faith and seeking to learn more about how to grow in your faith or more mature, this class will supply practical approaches to the old disciplines of Bible intake and prayer in hopes of enriching your practice and increasing your joy in daily communing with our Savior. We’ll have some lecture content, but we’ll also be trying out a variety of approaches to Bible reading, Bible meditation, and prayer, including praying the Bible, so come ready to experience some ancient approaches that can renew your devotional life, no matter what season you are in.