Tracing The Family Tree

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April 16, 2022



Many people spend many hours trying to trace their family tree and they feel really excited when they discover an "important" or famous person connected to them in some way.

The family tree of our Lord Jesus Christ is important for several reasons. First of all, we see that the life of Jesus has long roots in the history of God's people — he is called the son of David and the son of Abraham, and Matthew shows just how Jesus is connected to these two great heroes in the Old Testament story. Matthew's family tree of Jesus shows us something else of great importance. Beginning with the family tree and then as he goes through the Gospel story, Matthew shows us how the Lord Jesus is the fulfilment of all the prophecies and promises which are highlighted in the Old Testament. Right down to the details of what happened to Jesus even on the cross, Matthew shows how the Old Testament becomes completed in the Lord Jesus.

In the same way it is only in Jesus that our lives are completed. Without Jesus Christ in our lives we are lost and without hope in the world — there is a terrible emptiness that is only filled by Jesus himself. We become complete in Christ How really great it is to be connected with the One whose family tree truly began in heaven! When we become "connected" to him, we too will inherit a place in his heavenly home.


Dear Lord Jesus, thank you for taking me into your family. Amen