Thank You Lord

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April 25, 2022



Probably one of the first things we were taught to do and say was "thank you," when we were given a sweet or some other gift. It was likely too, that we got into trouble when we ran away and forgot to say "thank you!"

Saying "thank you" is good in two ways: it makes us see that what we are given is something special to us, and it lets us see that what we are given is something special to the person who gives us a gift. It gives a warm feeling all round. If we just grab a gift and go off without saying "thank you," the giver will be disappointed in us and won't really feel good either.

The Bible itself is full of places where people gave thanks to God. We have every reason to give him thanks. One of the most beautiful expressions of thanks to God is in 2 Corinthians 9:15 which says, "Thanks be to God for his indescribable gift." The gift, of course, is the Lord Jesus Christ and his salvation.

The writer of many psalms sang his thanks with his whole heart — it was sincerely and joyfully given. May we never grudge saying "thank you" to God. Every day we receive God's good gifts and we are constantly receiving his love and grace through Jesus Christ.


Help me, dear Lord, to give you my thanks from my whole heart. Amen