As A Christian Should I Give Away Everything I Own?

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June 27, 2022



This verse has caused quite a lot of worry to Christians over the years! Does it mean that, if I am a Christian, I should sell everything I own and give the proceeds to the poor? Is that what the Bible is telling me to do ?The answer is 'no', but to look carefully at your attitude to what you possess.

Poverty, real poverty, was very common in Israel at the time of the New Testament. This was especially true in Galilee. So the Christians sold what they could in order to help the poor people among them. Those who had houses obviously did not sell them because we read that the Christians gathered in each others' homes for fellowship, food and the Lord's Supper.

Christians today have to consider very carefully their attitude to possessions and the temptation to live in such a way that we do not think of the poor in our own country or in other lands. It is easy for us to become possessed by our possessions and to buy things that in all honesty we don't need and could easily do without. Prosperity must never become an end in itself but rather something to be use for the good of others. When our minds are set on things in this world we tend to forget to make a priority of heavenly things.


Dear Lord Jesus, we thank you that through you we become rich in every spiritual blessing. Amen.

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