I Saw The Lord

Devotional Image
June 24, 2022



What an amazing vision Isaiah the prophet received when he saw the Lord God on his throne in the heavens. It was such an awesome sight that I am quite sure it remained with Isaiah for the rest of his life, and most certainly would have impressed him with the glory and majesty of God.

You know, it is really worth our time to spend some moments every day just thinking about who God is and what he is like. It is easy for us to forget just how glorious God is, just how powerful God, is just how holy God is. And it is worth remembering too that God knows us personally, just as he knew Isaiah.

Notice what Isaiah felt like when he saw God: "Woe is me," he said, "For I am lost; for I am a man of unclean lips... for my eyes have seen the King, the Lord of Hosts." (Isaiah 6:5) How would you feel coming face to face with the holy God? I'm sure we would (and should) feel unclean, and as we remembered all the bad things we have said and done, we would feel ashamed. But Isaiah found that God was able to make him clean. In mercy his guilt was taken away and he became useful to God to tell people all that God wanted them to know.


Lord, in your mercy, make me clean and remind me of your holiness. Amen.