How Bright Are You?

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May 15, 2022



One of the many books I have enjoyed reading was a book about the Stevenson family who became famous as the builders of many of the lighthouses around the dangerous shoreline of our country. Some of these lighthouses were built in situations that called for tremendous engineering skill and courageous workers and lighthouse keepers. The great benefit of these lighthouses was that they warned sailors about the dangerous rocks on which many ships were wrecked before the lighthouses were built. But a lighthouse is only useful if its light is working and shining out into the darkness warning sailors to avoid danger.

Why does Jesus call Christians' the light of the world' A long time before Jesus came into the world God called his people to be a light to the nations so that his salvation would reach the ends of the earth. In the same way Jesus wants our lives to shine brightly by living a godly life that will let people see clearly how God is working in our lives. God wants us to shine for him and by doing this to open up to others "You'll prompt people to open up with God, this generous Father in heaven." (Matthew 5:16)(Message)

So the challenge is how bright are you? Do people see God's brightness in your life and actions? So many people live in the darkness of their sinful lives. You shine for God and that will be used by God to lead them to Jesus THE light of the world.


Dear Lord, help me to be a light for you to help people to come to Jesus. Amen.

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