I've Found It!

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May 24, 2022



I'm quite sure we have all lost something at one time or another and searched everywhere trying to find it. If it is something really important and valuable then we look very carefully and what a relief when it eventually turns up!

Luke chapter 15 is one of the happiest chapters in the Bible because while Jesus tells us of things and people who were lost he also tells us how they were found and how even the angels sang with joy when the lost were found.

Jesus loved teaching through stories — what we call the parables. Here he tells about a sheep that was lost and then its shepherd found it; a coin a woman lost and searched for and found, and a son who was lost and then found. The point of these parables is to show us, among other things, how God longs to find and save those who have not yet believed in him and trusted him. The shepherd searched for his lost sheep the woman searched for her lost coin, the father waited longingly for the return of his lost son. What joy and relief there was when all three were found! Jesus himself tells us that he came "to seek and to save the lost" (Luke 19:1).

That surely lets us see that God knows our need of salvation is so important and urgent. He even sent his Son to look for us and even to die for us. And it shows us also how God rejoices when sinners like ourselves are saved — heaven sings!


Dear Lord, Thank you for sending Jesus to find me and to save me. Amen.