God's Engagement Ring

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Tom Muir

Feb. 3, 2022



When a young couple get engaged, friends like to see the engagement ring the girl has usually been given. Why has she got that ring? It is a pledge from her fiancé that in time they will be married — the ring is a kind of guarantee that this will happen. The Greek word for 'guarantee' in the text at the top of the page is usually used in modern Greek to refer to things in connection with weddings — an engagement ring.

The Bible speaks about the Holy Spirit as God's guarantee to us that, as Christians, there is a day coming when we will be with God in heaven, when all the things we don't fully understand now, will become clear to us, and all God's promises to us as Christians will be given to us. God guarantees it by giving us his Holy Spirit to be in us and guide us.

The Holy Spirit acts like God's engagement ring and he will be faithful to us until he takes us to heaven. It may be that we shall have many trials along the way as Christians but we can always look to God — he has guaranteed the wedding day will come!


Almighty God, we thank you for the assurance you give us that as your people none of your promises to us will fail. Amen.

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