A Fitting Memorial (3)

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Jan. 29, 2022


Ebenezer — the stone of help — was erected to commemorate a victory, a very special victory that was entirely due to God's help.

The Bible is full of references to stones which told of God's help being given to his people. In the New Testament the Lord Jesus Christ is spoken of as being like a special stone which builders rejected but which eventually became the stone that kept the whole building together. Jesus, God's Son, was rejected by many. He was crucified in weakness, yet God raised him from the dead and he has become the great Saviour of his people — the Stone of help to a lost world, the Stone of victory — it is all of God's doing because sinners like us cannot save ourselves.

Jesus is the great foundation Stone of his Church on which all of the Church and all who are his people in the Church are being built up like a beautiful building to the glory of God. One day we will see it complete, and what a day of rejoicing that will be!


Dear Lord Jesus Christ, I thank you that I can look to you as my Ebenezer, my Stone of help, who has saved me in your mercy, because I confess I could not save myself. Amen.

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