What A Great Way To End A Great Letter!

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Sue Simison

March 6, 2022


Over all the centuries since Paul wrote his letter to the church in Rome this letter has been one of the greatest life-changing pieces of writing the world has known. Paul closes his letter with this brilliant song of praise to' the only wise God'.

Paul praises God first of all, because God is able to make us strong, stable Christians through the Gospel and teaching of Jesus Christ. Secondly, God is praised for giving us the Scriptures and showing us how the Old Testament teaches us about Jesus just as the New Testament does. Thirdly, God is praised because he and he only is the one who has the authority to command us to believe on him and obey him. This sums up what Paul has been teaching throughout his letter to the Romans — the Gospel, the Bible and the obedience to God, all coming into our experience through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.


To you oh God be the glory for ever. Amen.

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