Migratory Birds

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Jon Watson

March 11, 2022



In our country we have a lot of birds which only spend part of the year here before flying off, whether to northern countries or to Africa. They are not permanent British birds.

In a sense Christians are also migratory people. As our text at the top of the page says "Here we do not have an enduring city". Heaven has become our real home. Many centuries ago Christians were known as 'resident aliens' - they lived on earth but they were always on the move to their heavenly city where their Saviour waits to receive them.

Does that mean we, if we are Christians, have to ignore all who are not Christians and separate ourselves from them? Of course not. While we are here we have a job to do -to tell people about Jesus, to show people the love and compassion which we have received from Jesus Christ and to thank God for all the good and pleasant things which he has given to the world we live in . We mus try as best we can to bring peace and wholeness into our broken world. We should try with God's help, to leave the world a better place as we journey on to our heavenly city.


Dear Lord Jesus Christ, as I am "marching onward to Zion, the beautiful city of God", help me to tell people about the wonderful Saviour whose home it is. Amen.

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