Problems in the Christian Life: Guidance

Problems in the Christian Life (autumn 2019) - Part 1

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Oct. 6, 2019



Guidance on a day-to-day basis
The first nine chapters of Proverbs are addressed from Solomon to "my son"; scripture only records Rehoboam as Solomon's son. Unfortunately neither Solomon or his son followed Solomon's advice.
Trusting and knowing are linked - how do we get to know the Lord? By prayer, repentance from sin, and asking Christ for guidance. Faith is found in the gospels.

Pitfalls of guidance - Paul thought of areas he thought ripe for gospel preaching (Acts 16), but the Spirit prevented him. God may say no to one person (Paul) but yes to another (Peter).
Possibilities of guidance (Romans 12) -mercies of God: the gospel to preach; Christ has died in our place and risen again that we may have life.

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