Amazing Sorrow ... Amazing Grace

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Jon Watson

Jan. 9, 2022



We cannot go through life without at some point meeting problems, heartaches, sorrows, perhaps even tragedies. When such times come we may be tempted to question what God is doing to us — asking the question 'why me?' Job teaches us how to cope with our sad experiences and come through them with our faith in God strengthened.

The main thing we should grasp is knowing the character of God. Job, even in the very depths of his sorrow, pain and even questioning, always refers to God as the LORD. It is the name by which God made himself known to his people and it tells us that he can be trusted, he is good; there is nothing unreliable in God.

Job learned also that all things are ultimately in the hands of God — the good times and the suffering. 'The Lord gave and the Lord has taken away'. Of course we don't always understand — we can't. But God gives grace and faith to us, to trust him, knowing that he will work all things for our good when we are his children (Romans 8:28).


Dear Lord, my times are in your hand. May your amazing grace always be sufficient for me, even when I am passing through hard experiences. In Jesus' name I pray. Amen.

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