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Yet Another Sermon Host

Simple, fast and beautiful hosting for your sermons.


Why yet another sermon host?

Why not?

Existing solutions are expensive or built into other platforms (like your church website). Yet Another Sermon Host is designed to be simple, easy to use and decoupled from any other software/websites your church needs. You can use Yet Another Sermon Host alongside any other tools you need.

Cloud storage is getting cheaper every year - you don't need to pay a fortune to host your audio & you definitely don't need to use a provider that nags your congregation to pay too.

Plans start at $5 a month (or $2 for church plants), but if you can't afford that, or you need a bespoke solution, please drop me an email: dean@yetanothersermon.host and we'll see what we can sort out.


Yet Another Sermon Host is created and operated by just one person. If you have feedback or would like to suggest a feature, please email me. I try to respond to every request, but I might not reply right away.

Future Plans

You can get a rough idea of what is currently being worked on via the Roadmap.