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All plans come with unlimited storage and generous bandwidth allowances. Cloud storage is getting cheaper all the time, why pay a fortune for hosting?

Church Plants
100GB Monthly Downloads
100GB Monthly Downloads
200GB Monthly Downloads
500GB Monthly Downloads

100GB gets you just under 7000 downloads per month, assuming 64kbps and 30 minutes per sermon.


Simple, fast, beautiful hosting designed specifically for your sermons.

For Your Listeners

Totally Free

Your listeners shouldn't have to pay or deal with nag screens


Subscribe by RSS, iTunes, Spotify, etc...

Powerful Filters

Filter by Series, Preacher, Date or any combination

Easy Search

Quickly find that sermon!

For You

Unlimited Storage

Store as many MP3s (and other attachments) as you like.

Generous Bandwith Allowances

Plans start at 100GB per month


Slides, notes, whatever...

Unlimited Users

Spread the work and responsibility among as many users as you like

Audio Checks

Automated warning if you upload a file that is too quiet, too loud, or has hiss/noise


Embed YouTube videos

mp3 tagging

We'll automatically re-tag your MP3s for you


Understand how many listeners you have

Upload from Dropbox/Google Drive

Already got your sermons in Drive or Dropbox? We'll grab them from there for you

Embedded Audio Player

Drop an audio player anywhere on your own site

Did we miss something? Drop us an email and we can talk about it: [email protected]