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How to create a new preacher

Yet Another Sermon Host let's you create preachers so you can label each sermon accordingly. Each sermon can have a single preacher (multiple preachers coming soon!).

Your congregation/listeners can then filter and search sermons by preacher. Or they can browse preachers. For example, a listener can find all the sermons preached by "John Smith" at your church.

Steps to create a new preacher:

Open the new preacher page

  • Login to manage your church
  • Click the "New Preacher" button - you can find it in the side bar
New preacher button

Fill in the form

Fill in the information about the preacher:

  • Name (required)
  • Bio (optional)
    • A short biography for the preacher. Or any other information you would like to put in here
  • Image (optional)
New Preacher Form

Save your changes

New Preacher Save Button

Click save.

That's it

You now have a brand new preacher! Next time you create a sermon, you'll be able to add your new preacher.

Something missing? Need some help? Or just have a question?

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