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How to submit your podcast feed

Using a podcast app is a great way for your congregation to listen to your sermons.

This is super easy to setup with Yet Another Sermon Host.

Step 1 - setup your feed

  • Login to manage your church
  • Open "Church Settings" in the menu
  • Fill out the "Podcast Email" field
  • Upload an image for your "Podcast Artwork" - it must be square and at least 1400px wide
  • Make sure you have published at least one sermon so your feed is not empty

Step 2 - get your feed link

  • Login to manage your church
  • Click on "Public View" to go to your publicly visible site
  • Click "Subscribe"
  • Copy the RSS link

Step 3 - submit to providers

Lots of different apps pull their podcast catalogue from Apple Podcasts (PocketCasts, Overcast, etc), so you will get the quickest win by submitting to Apple first.

Apple Podcasts

  • Sign in to Podcasts Connect - you'll need an Apple ID
  • Click the "plus" symbol at the top left
  • Paste the link from Step 2
  • A preview should load - check there are no errors. If there are, please get in touch by email:
  • Click Submit
  • Apple moderates all submissions - you will have to wait until you receive an email letting you know that you have been approved. It can take up to 10 days, but is usually much quicker than that.
  • Your approval email will have your subscribe link, make a copy of this & go back to your Church Setting page and paste the link into the "Apple Podcasts URL" field, then save

Google Podcasts

You don't need to do anything here - Google will find your podcast feed by itself as long as you have completed Step 1.

If you want to hurry up the process, you can submit your RSS link (from Step 2) to the Google PubSubHubbub hub.

Spotify Podcasts

Spotify stipulates some extra requirements:

  • Your audio bitrate must be between 96 and 320 kbps
  • You must have artwork it must be square (just like Apple)
  • You must have at least one published sermon (just like Apple)
  • User visible podcast feed items should be no longer than 20 characters (e.g.


  • Sign in to Spotify for Podcasters
  • Accept the T&Cs
  • Paste your RSS feed URL from Step 2
  • Check everything looks good & submit

NOTE Spotify downloads your mp3s once & then serves them from their own platform - this means that any listens from Spotify will not show up in your Yet Another Sermon Host dashboard & that it can take a little while for changes to your sermons to propagate through to Spotify. Once Spotify make it easy to get your download stats we will pull them through to Yet Another Sermon Host.

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